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We haven't really created anything new, but we have come out out with some pretty amazing tattoo machines to be honest!


So i would put it like this: After many years trying different machines we have decided to build our own. There is no doubt there are  many good machines out there, but we are pretty picky so it took us a good while to find the right mix of components and materials. Now we finally feel ready to start producing and we are very proud to present our very own machines. We think it is very important to provide a very good tool, and we put special attention in all of our machines. Which is why we have decided to build all our frames from a solid block, using C.N.C cut iron means there is no bend or welding. We use OFC copper wire for our coils. Mostly 10 wraps for shaders, 8 wraps for liners and sometimes even 6 wraps. Good strong binding posts and using silver for our contact screws create the best conductivity by far! As we are full time tattooers we always have the chance to test the machines in the real world, loaded and hitting that skin!
Give them a try, they are really powerful machines , you won't regret it!
Thanks a lot.  




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