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The Path Liner

Muestras Power Color

The Path Liner

  • A little more compact from our other liners , the Path liner will be ideal for fast medium lines as well for thinner ones .
    8 wraps with a really good speed and precision , light on weight great comfortable design and the most important : a great performance .
    OFC wire .
    Pure Silver contact screw .
    You name it .

  • As you may know already that we are full time tattooers , not that you may care about it right? but you know how time demanding could be to be delivering custom tattoos all the time .
    We really want to make sure you get to know our shipping policy .
    All our machines may take +20 days to get into your hands , yeah we know it's a pretty long time but it doesn't happen every time we get to ship a parcel tho , but we want apologise before hand for all the inconvenience all this may cause to you if you are one on the unlucky one that receive the happy parcel after 2 weeks . All your anger will be gone after your first try with it . Guaranteed !
    We will provide your tracking number using PayPal email service so keep an eye on them emails please .
    We got a flat shipping and handling fee of 30 euros worldwide , that's for 1 machine , if you're ordering 2 machines you will pay 50 euros instead.
    Please notice we are not charging you VAT tax . As we are a company ( a very small one ) based in the Canary Islands .
    We are really grateful about you being interested about getting some of our machines , honestly .
    We make them with passion, we test them and we make sure we delivery a top quality tattoo machine for you to get fun with , you need to be just a little patience that's all .
    Please contact us if any inquiries .
    Peace out
    OAM crew

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